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Ok… Today won’t be pretty… Every time I need to find something that is not on a hanger, there is a certain amount of danger related to this quest… Because yes, finding something in my wardrobe is more a quest than a trivial pick-up.

Although my clothes are fairly sorted (tops, pants, jackets and dresses) whatever is on the shelf or on the floor is… well, I can’t find an appropriate word… in French we say une image vaut mille mots (a picture is worth a thousand words?) Please note that I can’t remember the last time this door closed…


Needless to say, this space deserves love.  However, in my defense, I have a very small wardrobe… I don’t want to invest in some shelf unit or organizing system because, as I said in previous posts, we are about to move and believe it or not, in our new house, we will have a walk-in in the master bedroom, yes, a WALK-IN (heaven sound) and from what I remember from our visit, we will need to purchase some closet units, so the goal here for this project is not to have something as neat and organized then we can find at Toni’s place but to declutter and be able to grab a purse without have the world falling on me.

Every organizing blog talks about decluttering, it seems easy to do, however we (I assume I am not alone in my case) tend to be very attached to objects and material stuff.  I know we should keep in mind that the memories are within us and not within the object, but nevertheless, it seems easier to say….

I emptied my closet and decided to keep only my nice designer purses and the ones I love the design AND color.  Some of the purse I had, I bought them because I was fond of the color but the design wasn’t super functional for me.  As a result, I threw away about dozen handbags.  I will bring some during my next trip down south for the maids and give the remaining to charity nearby.

Honestly, I am not super satisfied with the top shelf, I need a second shelf, but until we move, this will do the job.

It was the shortest decluttering challenge I had taken in the past days, it took only 35 minutes!