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Ok, over the weekend I got a chance to get things done.  Namely in the paper management field.  Also, since I have been able to finish the menu for my wedding invitations, the pink cardstock on the bookcase almost disappeared. Which looks much cleaner!

As a reminder, this is the overall look, before I started the cleaning/filing/organizing.

After creating a file for every single category of paper (this is a lie, I still need a few gray files, 1 package hasn’t been enough) We are now here:

You can see that I only have a few square inches of pink cardstock as I had a chance to work on my wedding invitations during the weekend.  I didn’t want to fold the cardstock nor did I want it to become messy, the top of the bookcase was mainly the only place I could lay down flat those giant cardstock sheets.

I put the craft supplies on the first shelf, a few books still remained in the spare room.  Since my drawer in my filing cabinet is not full, I place the remaining purple folders at the back, along with tabs and things needed to create a neat cabinet.

Now I am “almost” sure we won’t lose any important papers during the move… Cross fingers…