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Because there is nothing like moving in and before being able to empty the last box, fly on the other side of the continent for a conference.  Yep, that was the plan when we moved few weeks ago.  We were moving on Friday and on Sunday morning I had a plane to catch to take me to San Francisco for a whole week conference… Awesome.  So I left on the Sunday morning, leaving behind me a huge mess and I came back to a cataclysm… delightful.

Nevertheless, I have been able to put myself together and at least clean the countertop! As you will see in the following pictures, there a still work to do, but it is still livable.  The next big project regarding this home will be to purchase the wall unit for the TV, we already know what we want, we just need to dedicate some time to do it.

Wall Unit

So far here is how it looks:

Here is the living room, this is the messier room of the house (except for the office, see this closed door? well, that’s all you will see from the office so far)  You can see a few boxes here and there waiting to be either unpacked or throw away.  I am really satisfied how the deep purple turned out!


Moving to the kitchen


I still want to sew a short curtain to hide the blind mechanism, I kept the old curtain rod which has Velcro on it, we purchased the fabric last weekend. If I have any luck, I will be able to complete this project over the weekend.


Here is something I am SUPER proud of, the silver tins on the wall next to the range top are magnetic tins for spices.  All my spices are stored in these small jars, identified with a p-touch and alphabetically organized.  I asked my father to find me some piece of metal on which my magnets would stick, at first I wanted stainless steel, but it was brought to my attention that it wasn’t magnetic.  My father brought this cold roll piece he painted black and it’s just perfect! 😀


Which brings us to the bathroom

I am really happy of how the bathroom turned out, but just because I think it is important to remember the mistake of the past so we can learn from those, here is what the bathroom looked like when we got the house:

Unfortunately I don’t have better pictures for this bathroom (although I am not sure it was possible to take “good pictures” of this) I think the light blue we chose renders way better than this dark orange, moreover when you consider that everything in this bathroom is grey/blue…

And finally the bedroom, I think this is my masterpiece… chambre


Disclaimer: My boyfriend was OK with the paint, in fact he was really thrilled of this combination (dark gray and light pink) and he chose this duvet cover from a few I submitted.  I won’t lie, I love Pink, but this room is not reflecting only MY choices.

Few organization projects I want to tackle next will be our pantry and the teas… I need to figure out a way to organize those David’s tea tins…