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Moving can be quite expensive.  Not only you have the mortgage, the moving company, the fees to transfer your internet and electricity accounts (and more) but there is almost no way your current window covering will fit 1 – your new color scheme 2- your window size.

As a matter of fact, the only thing I could use from my previous apartment was a curtain rod.  Not even the hardware.  The former owner let blinds and curtains but there was NO WAY I could think of using these curtains.  (please refer to my older post about how gross the house was…)

I finally agreed on using the kitchen blind, aside from being super dirty, the mechanism was fine and the ivory/yellowish color suited my color scheme.  Before moving in, I brought this blind with me, unrolled the complete thing on my living room floor, sprayed it liberally with degreaser, brushed it with a dish brush and rinse it all in the shower; repeat a second time.  In the end, it was ok.  We replaced the orange vertical blinds in the bathroom with white ones because the orange didn’t fit the light blue/sea side scheme we wanted.  For those two windows, I had an issue, we saw the blind mechanism.


So we went to Fabricville and purchase fabric to hide the mechanism.  I kept the curtain rods the former owner had, they applied Velcro on it, so I thought I would sew the other moiety of Velcro on my fabric to attach my new and clean curtain.

I purchased thick cotton with motif and white cotton for the lining.  I have the chance to have access to a sewing machine at my parents place, but if it’s not your case, you can use the “tape” we find in craft/fabric stores.  It’s a ribbon you place between to pieces of fabric and you melt it with an iron.  Easy and speedy to use!